Why Us

We maintain your virtual legal department to protect you from legal issues that disturb your business and give dispassionate advice.

To fight litigation successfully, attorney should have good knowledge of substantive & procedural laws, lateral thinking ability to devise suitable strategy, good drafting skills, witness examining abilities, good court craft and sufficient time to do factual and legal research to protect client’s best interests. No conventional law firm will be specialists in all these aspects of legal practice.

We engage suitable specialist professionals / advocates to handle different aspects at different stages of litigation and try to manage to get our clients early relief.
We draft/wet client’s agreements and crucial correspondence and conciliate differences to avoid litigation, as pre-litigation strategy.

If litigation is inevitable, our specialist teams of senior strategists & advocates involve, devote sufficient time to do research into facts and law of client’s litigation, collectively discuss and devise litigation strategy with well researched lateral thinking.

We provide para legal services. We insure client’s litigation expenses.
ALS facilitate speedy and effective justice through digitalised & recorded conciliation / Arbitration proceedings through persons of integrity from any walk of life, advocates and retired Judges at a minimal cost. (No Court fee & Justice within couple of months)

We cover your litigation expenses on our terms.