Rent Protection

We protect regular rental income from your tenant by drafting a perfect legally enforceable rental agreement.

If any tenant fails to pay rent on time, we initiate action for collection of your rent promptly rather than reacting belatedly without costing any expenses.

Imagine a situation that your tenant troubles in paying rent, it causes loss of peace of mind, anxiety and loss of rent. At times people hesitate to let out their properties and rather they prefer to keep their property vacant.

We show solutions to such of your problems.

Our relationship saves you from possible loss of peace of mind, anxiety and loss of rent, energy and time due to failure of your tenant in paying monthly rent promptly and we bear all such legal or otherwise expenses.

We are more like a handy firearm which is good to have to rescue you when needed.

We charge you 2.5 to 5% of your monthly rent for our services depending upon  quantum of rent, type of property and tenant which you can treat as less rent that you will be receiving for the comfort you enjoy with our association.

We also can pay rent due from your tenant uninterruptedly even if your tenant fails to pay subject to terms.