Legal Advice & Second Opinion

In today’s individual’s life and as well as business environment there is an increased need for day-to-day Legal advice & guidance on different issues, based on specific circumstances, which have long and short term legal implications, for carving Legal and litigation strategies, to achieve the most desirable outcome.

Proper Legal Advice is needed for drafting crucial agreements & correspondence to ensure that any agreement or commitment reached between the parties has legal sanctity to bind the parties and is enforceable.

Second Opinion:

To have peace of mind, just as in the case of serious surgery or medical treatments, you may want a second opinion on an important legal matter, to ensure that your present counsel had considered all possible solutions.

We may see the matter differently, with our specialist’s rich experiences in the specific field and may provide you with additional assurance that your lawyer is doing a good job, under the given circumstances or on the other hand, we may have a different view and, if so, we will communicate that clearly with reasoning. We would be happy to review your matter objectively and give you our view on how your current lawyer is proceeding.

Sometimes it is best to fight hard, and sometimes it is best to negotiate reasonably and pleasantly, and there are endless variations to this dance, depending on all of the facts and circumstances. At the core of each transaction and dispute is the ideal negotiation process, and determining that best process is difficult. Nevertheless, we will provide you with our judgment on the pros and cons of the process chosen by your attorney.