Legal Retainer

Annual Legal Retainership Fee Rs.1,000/-

Our clients would be under privilege to contact us, a group of legal specialists for any simple professional advice on any legal issue as we would have a standing relationship.

We advise you to minimize the legal risks & costs and to avoid conflicts that can land you into litigation, you always have our ear; Our relationship saves you from avoidable legal expenses, energy and time.

Our relationship gives you confidence of legal support in the hour of need and peace of mind. With our relationship and you can fight for your legitimate rights. You can live boldly without any fear of being cheated, exploited and harassed. It’s more like a handy firearm you may never need it but it’s good to have it to rescue you when needed.

Having us on retainer ship ensures that you need not have to scramble to find a right adviser or attorney in the special circumstances of your problem.  Our legal specialists would advise you suitable attorneys, possible litigation costs & time & risks at different levels relating to any law in the given facts and circumstances.

If the advice needs study of facts or elaborate discussion or analysis of various facts we refer you to a right specialist who charges you reasonably for a thorough legal opinion or second opinion.