Drafting skills require extensive knowledge of the substantive laws as well as procedural laws and command on language with ability to deal with abstract concepts, investigative instincts and an extraordinary degree of prescience.

Drafting of business agreements and correspondence with proper limitations and flexibility, play a vital role in smooth conduct of business and to have an edge over the counter part.

The legal document, which is known as documentary evidence in legal parlance, no doubt plays a crucial role in legal cases, hence, due care and caution should be exercised, while drafting said legal documents. Any loose ends or pitfalls in the documentation may weaken the case in the court of law or other quasi judicial authority.

Maintaining flow or rhythm and effective story telling skills are essential when drafting court pleadings to persuade. A writer should not forget that every text has an audience and an objective. If the document doesn’t have a core theory, it seems disjointed and the reader will struggle to understand what they are supposed to feel or agree with. So each and every sentence should fulfil this purpose and satisfy a client’s requirement.

Many young professionals suffer due to poor drafting & documentation skills.