Litigation Cost Protection

Litigation cost protection (LCP) relieves you of all contractual litigation expenses.

We are proud to introduce a game-changer: We Level the Playing Field of Legal battle.

LCP enables you to focus on pursuing justice without worrying about advocate fees, out-of-pocket costs of litigation & expenses.

ALS provides affordable, transparent, first-of-its-kind Litigation Cost Protection. We foster an environment where genuine needn’t meekly suffer under threat of cost of litigation by a mighty opponent for years.

Litigation Cost Protection is an innovative solution to the increasing costs of litigation, exploitation of litigants and delay in getting justice.


Avail Litigation Cost protection and forget about costs involved in any litigation arising out of a contract.

Get justice within a period of four months.

Salient features of Litigation cost Protection:

  1. Litigation Cost Protection would be given only to agreement based litigations only.
  2. To cover under Litigation Cost Protection the agreement should contain the Arbitration clause.
  3. Litigation Cost Protection will cover costs in furtherance of litigation up to passing of arbitration award, except Arbitrators fees and advocate commissioners charges if any.
  4. Litigation Cost Protection also protects you from paying costs to the other side in the event the case is lost at trial.
  5. The cost protection retainer fee would be 0.25% of the litigation value per annum subject to a minimum of Rs. 4,000 per annum and on the condition that all litigation strategies and attorneys appearing for the client are decided and engaged by ALS.
  6. One retainer fee would cover one case only and one client can take more retainer ships.