Litigation Cost Protection
No Litigation Expenditure
ARMY Legal Support
supported by senior advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company secretaries, Cost accountants, Chartered Engineers and Valuers
Our Senior Advocates and strategists provide...
1. Dispassionate Legal Advice 2. Legal Strategy 3. Drafting / Wetting of Documents 4. Research into Applicable Case Law 5. Para Legal Services 6. Impartial Arbitration & Conciliation and 7. Litigation Cost Protection

ARMY Legal Support Corporation

A revolution in legal services

ALS is promoted by A.R.M.Y. Group of Companies. We are Next Generation Legal Services providers and maintain client’s virtual legal department.

ALS revolutionizes Legal & Litigation Management and our expert senior professional team provides clients with high quality legal research services and innovative litigation strategies with thorough understanding of their needs – specific and generic.

ALS also extend para Legal outsourcing services to corporate bodies, banks and Govt departments to optimise their efficiency, cost reduction and timely operations.

An Innovative Idea - First Time in India


We protect your rental income. If your tenant fails to pay we make arrangement for you to get rent...
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ALSC supports it clients by: Preparing and assisting the witnesses for chief and cross examination...
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ALSC facilitate to get speedy and cost effective justice through conciliation or Arbitration...
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Legal strategy helps in preventing legal difficulties rather than reacting to them after costly mistakes...
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The most basic step in legal research is to find the leading case governing the issues in question...
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Annual Legal Retainership Fee Rs.1,000/-
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Drafting skills require extensive knowledge of the substantive laws as well as procedural laws...
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In today’s business environment and emerging growth, mid-size companies are facing...
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You can download and use as many documents as you want for free with us...
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